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PRESENTING – (SSLR Group's most ambitious Initiative) created by Dr. G. Ramesh Kumar, award recipient of the most  coveted and prestigious national and global awards for the VENTURE OF THE DECADE and the most promising venture of the future.  is your One stop shop aggregator for Business Solutions and Services that facilitates 360 degree business solutions for all sectors.

Yurja fundamentally caters to 3 primary stakeholders:  

1) Solution & Service Seekers.

2) Yurja’s Influencers & Ambassadors. (Channel Partners, Re-sellers, Networkers )

3) Solution & Service Providers.

What IF?... we CREATED and DELIVERED an opportunity to YOU and every individual whether graduates or under-graduates, Skilled or WAITING TO BE SKILLED, by inviting and nominating you as our YURJA Influencers & Ambassadors to join our Affiliate Marketing & Sales Program. Here is your ONCE IN A LIFETIME GOLDEN opportunity to earn through our Referral Income Initiative, by reaching out to people you know in your associates and friend groups and by NETWORKING on your social media circles.

All our Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors, have the CUTTING EDGE OPPORTUNITY to earn huge referral income. Unlike other ventures, where you get referral income only once, Our YURJA MISSION offers Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors to earn and THRIVE for life-long.   Just like Akshaya Patra – The Mythical Pot, which provided unlimited food, your income from is unlimited and would pour in for lifelong. With YURJA, you can earn in millions and become a millionaire and even a billionaire, purely based on your work ethic, results and merit. The more effort you invest, the more you earn. So, friends the sky is the limit. HERE IS THE YURJA OPPORTUNITY to CASH IN on your efforts and earn limitlessly. YURJA is your once in a lifetime opportunity to earn millions and more limitlessly and for life-long.   

Yurja will also mentor all their “Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors” with an exclusively designed world class training & mentoring program to sustain, scale and create value for their business, employees, customers, community, society, nation and world. This indigenous mentoring & training program has benefited over 7 million people from 90% of Fortune 500 companies in over 75 countries and is led by our co-founder and coveted inspirational orator and mentor to the mentors Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida.

Solutions & Service providers will gain HUGE benefits by serving their clients with world class services & solutions from the best at the most affordable rates on this platform. Money saved is money earned and savings you create for your clients/ customers would translate into incremental incentives for you. Your client would pay happily as they are saving in a BIG WAY on their marketing, sales and other operational cost through and you as a Yurja Influencer & Ambassador are at the forefront, helping them to profit and EARN MORE from their HUGE SAVINGS! 

Solution seekers can get benefit of availing services at the most economical rates that are matchless with anywhere else, because there is no one else who can match our offering at YURJA!

All 3 stakeholders just need to pay Rs. 999+ GST per annum and the Features, Advantages and Benefits that THEY GAIN are LIMITLESS, UNIAMAGINABLE and INFINITE!

When they measure the GAINS, they would be immensely grateful and thankful to you as solution & service providers. And guess what this is the only platform where each and all of you can be solution & service providers, seekers and YURJA INFLUENCERS & AMBASSADORS. That’s a TRIPLE BONUS. A TRIPLE ADVANATAGE. A 10x benefit.

This simple but significant model will also contribute towards NATION BUILDING in form of service charges and GST and of course GDP growth and networking for saving our ECONOMY.

This model promotes inclusivity in society by inviting individuals, corporates and even "Divyangs" i.e.  people from the disabled community as our Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors.

Unemployment is a burning issue, that India has been facing for long. And to add to it, due to Covid Pandemic & Lockdown, over 15 cr. People have lost their jobs in India!

(Source: 15 Cr. Apropos research conducted by several Commerce and Industry Chambers.)

In a VUCA world and GIG Economy, YURJA’s vision is to eradicate unemployment and empower people to be self-reliant by teaching one and all ABCDE – Anybody Can Do Entrepreneurship, our flagship Entrepreneur Leadership Program created by our co-founder Jerry Almeida, which has influenced millions worldwide.

Adoption of latest technology, work from home culture, online transactions and automation allows to work in a remote environment friendly way. Your office is your smart phone and PC.

Starting with every state, city and village of India, a vision created by Dr. G Ramesh Kumar aims to expand globally and arrange for all Business Solutions & Services that one would need. Keeping a huge scope in the market in mind, we would also look at E-commerce model in products that are tangible.

360 Degree Business Solutions & Services


Solution & Service Seeker !
₹ 5400
₹ 999
Yurja Influencer & Ambassador !
₹ 5400
₹ 999
Solution & Service Provider !
₹ 5400
₹ 999



  • All Products
  • Solution & Service Seekers
  • Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors
  • Solution & Service Providers
  • Seeker, Ambassador & Provider
  • Service Seeker & Yurja Ambassador ( Gold )




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I was highly and extremely satisfied with the Service arranged for Finance as required for my Company.. I strongly recommend to every Indian, where one would get all the Solutions and Services arranged under one roof.. All my best wishes to Yurja and Team  & Of course the Brain behind -G.Rameshkumar, Founder & MD.

Dipak Bodade

Dipak Bodade

Founder & Managing Director under SSLR Consultancy LLP  was the Public Relation Advisor & Consultant in successfully organising National Movement " Period 2 Period Shame"  and "Food as Medicine" conducted on 25th Jan 2020 and 26th Jan 2020.

Yogini Shlloka from Bangalore

Yogini Shlloka from Bangalore



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